03 December 2008

Things + Stuff

I am feeling a great many things all at once right now and it's driving me mad. I won't bore you with details even though that's what most people do with blogs, but whatever, I'm not most people. I wanna do things and nothing all at the same time. My brain is in overdrive right now. I can't concentrate on one thing for very long. my sentences are short and simple. Explosions in the Sky would be a good band for me to listen to right now. Now I am listening to them. I want answers to questions I've had for a long, long, long, long time. I think I may get some soon. I'll keep praying for them to come. Someone compared my tattoos to the plan of salvation at dinner tonight. I'll tell you about it later Madre. It was kinda funny. I ran about 6.5 miles today and worked out my legs. They're like jello. or nonexistent. I started working with my friend Hunter on some new music. He sent me a bunch of recordings and is letting me cut them up into tiny pieces and glue them back together again. He's pretty freakin' awesome. He should probably be your hero like he is mine. I really need a hug. A good, long hug from someone I love very,very much. 16 more days and that can happen. I am very impatient. Grrrrrr. I am a tiger or a bear. The weather needs to warm up here and the sun needs to come out a little more during the day. I like the poem I wrote. I think it's nice and it makes sense to me somehow. Holy crap there's so much going on it seems, but nothing is really happening when I stop to think about it. What is going on!? Bye.

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  1. I'd tell ya , Peter Pan, but you probably wouldn't believe me. :)