30 May 2009


i wanna be making music everyday. i want a bass. i want pedals. i could be making science + skeleton noises, but that's not really doing it for me right now. i'm gonna go longboarding or maybe watch some more Arrested Development.

11 May 2009

10 May 2009

Holy Crap.

I love my mom this much.

06 May 2009

From here on out

All my "poems" (or whatever you wanna call them can be found at my new blog called "words."

All the old ones are also there. I've felt the need to separate my thoughts from my poems for some time now. I finally did it. Also, yes.


05 May 2009

you should see the clouds over the bay right now

the only sunburn that ever matters

count it on two hands
breathe in hollow air
hold it in the past the future
breathe out the perfect words
its all blood and tissue
but its real and it feels like tomorrow
i walked into the ocean
the sun is here
the air is swimming
i will always have skin
its always on my skin
ive counted to ten now
and nothing has changed
everything will always stay the same
as long as the sun is here and i have skin