06 May 2008

Good Night Above

Listen, I told you I wouldn't be diligent with this thing.

So about a week ago, some tool broke into my car and stole my ipod. Luckily, it was covered by my insurance and I am the proud owner of a 160gb ipod. That's 100 more gb than my old one. So thanks to that tool and G- Dub's tax rebate i have more room for more great (or not so great) music.

I started running recently. Usually when I try this running deal I quit after the second day, but this time I stuck it out and it's awesome. Feels kinda good to do something other than sit.

I need to start writing things (poems, songs, whatever) again. I've gotten out of the habit and I'm starting to feel the itch again.

Go listen to Mirah. She's amazing. And on top of that Phil Elverum (Microphones/Mt. Eerie) helps her out, so you know it's gotta be good.

This blog has made absolutely no sense at all and I don't care because I'm pretty sure nobody reads it. I haven't exactly promoted it.