26 March 2009


i haven't been writing...words or music. i don't like it. it's confusing. when i am writing things just happen whether i want them to or not. when i really want them to happen, i can't write anything. blech. picture unrelated.

04 March 2009

this is not a poem but it could be one day if it tries real hard.

i want it to have meaning
but sometimes im left handed
i cant do things alone
but i can do them with help and i have som uch help
even though i dont write words on paper
i out them in the air
or under water
is an isalnd
mauybe i will sleep soon
or maybe i will see you
im breathing the right way
im coming along quiet nicely

so i wrote those words in a few seconds. i left the spelling errors and what not b/c that is what my fingers did. i read it and it kinda tickled. i don't know if tickled is the right word, but it's the first word that comes to mind.