27 April 2009

sixteen through twenty-five

is it possible this is an ocean

i can make the forest sing
this silence
to the top of the mountain
to the top of the tree
believe in both sides
of the sun
heat and light
accept the water over your body
forever always awake
and then we will sleep

18 April 2009

best compliment ever

"I like your songs because they're orchestras you always give them an epic organic building layering feel. if they're noise they're noise done right." - Hunter

this made me feel good. this is what he's talking about. it's a song called "conquest." we "wrote" it together.


copy + paste doods, i'm to lazy to make the link work.

04 April 2009

hey man, wanna get some food?

I went to a show last nite. (Defiance, Ohio) great band, great show. it reminded me why i like punk rock (or at least the punk rock attitude) punk rock is about community and family and love and coming together. it's pretty awesome when a hundred or so kids are all singing along in unison. it's commonly misconceived (oe so i believe) that punk rock is all about being an individual and fighting against some sort of system (the man) i call bullcrap. it's about being okay with yourself and being cool with people who are different than you. last nite i was thousands of miles from home and all my friends but i still managed to have some awesome conversations with some great people. it was kinda awesome.

today i went to the beach and got some awesome beach stuffs. pieces of drift wood and some incredibly smooth stones. they're way cool and i like to think they've been around a lot longer than i have. floating around in the ocean, getting pushed around by waves. it made me feel kinda small in a good way.

this weekend was great. it made me think about some things. it made me a little more hopeful.