25 December 2009

2009 top ten.

10. Mono - Hymn to the Immortal Wind
9. Mount Eerie - Wind's Poem
8. Karen O and the Kids - Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack
7. Animal Collective - Fall Be Kind E.P.
6. Vic Chesnutt - At the Cut
5. The Rural Alberta Advantage - Hometowns
4. Japandroids - Post-Nothing
3. Why? - Eskimo Snow
2. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
1. The Antlers - Hospice

31 October 2009


i wrote a new song this evening. i call it "A Planet Under Dawn." it's under the science + skeleton moniker so i'm posting it here. i messed around with the following: white noise, historical speeches (teddy roosevelt, thomas edison, gandhi)and buddha machines. here's a link so you can listen over and over and over and try to make sense of it.

A Planet Under Dawn

04 October 2009

trust me on this one.

next time you have lentil soup, put some lemon juice in it. not while it's cooking, but after. just do it.

29 September 2009

farmer's market tuesday

i was on my way home, when two guys passed each other on the sidewalk. they greeted one another and one said to the other, "well, you're obviously not going to yoga tonight." it made me laugh.

24 August 2009

The Iron Giant

Today I thought about my favorite time watching The Iron Giant. Then I reminded my friend about it.

18 August 2009

Top 5 of the Decade

So this decade is almost over. These are the songs bring back the best memories, make me feel pretty right on, and will stay with me for some time to come.

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11 August 2009

the unlimited expanse in which everything is located

I have recently become obsessed with the thought of empty open spaces.

Maybe something like this represented by sounds and words.

01 August 2009

pretty alright

So a while back I played in a band, and I've been listening to my favorite song (Ink Drawn Circle) that we wrote repeatedly throughout the day. Here's a lyrical sampling.

"The branch that I hold turns to ash and as I fall I hold my breath...blue fades to white..."

I freakin' love it.

09 June 2009

30 May 2009


i wanna be making music everyday. i want a bass. i want pedals. i could be making science + skeleton noises, but that's not really doing it for me right now. i'm gonna go longboarding or maybe watch some more Arrested Development.

11 May 2009

10 May 2009

Holy Crap.

I love my mom this much.

06 May 2009

From here on out

All my "poems" (or whatever you wanna call them can be found at my new blog called "words."

All the old ones are also there. I've felt the need to separate my thoughts from my poems for some time now. I finally did it. Also, yes.


05 May 2009

you should see the clouds over the bay right now

the only sunburn that ever matters

count it on two hands
breathe in hollow air
hold it in the past the future
breathe out the perfect words
its all blood and tissue
but its real and it feels like tomorrow
i walked into the ocean
the sun is here
the air is swimming
i will always have skin
its always on my skin
ive counted to ten now
and nothing has changed
everything will always stay the same
as long as the sun is here and i have skin

27 April 2009

sixteen through twenty-five

is it possible this is an ocean

i can make the forest sing
this silence
to the top of the mountain
to the top of the tree
believe in both sides
of the sun
heat and light
accept the water over your body
forever always awake
and then we will sleep

18 April 2009

best compliment ever

"I like your songs because they're orchestras you always give them an epic organic building layering feel. if they're noise they're noise done right." - Hunter

this made me feel good. this is what he's talking about. it's a song called "conquest." we "wrote" it together.


copy + paste doods, i'm to lazy to make the link work.

04 April 2009

hey man, wanna get some food?

I went to a show last nite. (Defiance, Ohio) great band, great show. it reminded me why i like punk rock (or at least the punk rock attitude) punk rock is about community and family and love and coming together. it's pretty awesome when a hundred or so kids are all singing along in unison. it's commonly misconceived (oe so i believe) that punk rock is all about being an individual and fighting against some sort of system (the man) i call bullcrap. it's about being okay with yourself and being cool with people who are different than you. last nite i was thousands of miles from home and all my friends but i still managed to have some awesome conversations with some great people. it was kinda awesome.

today i went to the beach and got some awesome beach stuffs. pieces of drift wood and some incredibly smooth stones. they're way cool and i like to think they've been around a lot longer than i have. floating around in the ocean, getting pushed around by waves. it made me feel kinda small in a good way.

this weekend was great. it made me think about some things. it made me a little more hopeful.

26 March 2009


i haven't been writing...words or music. i don't like it. it's confusing. when i am writing things just happen whether i want them to or not. when i really want them to happen, i can't write anything. blech. picture unrelated.

04 March 2009

this is not a poem but it could be one day if it tries real hard.

i want it to have meaning
but sometimes im left handed
i cant do things alone
but i can do them with help and i have som uch help
even though i dont write words on paper
i out them in the air
or under water
is an isalnd
mauybe i will sleep soon
or maybe i will see you
im breathing the right way
im coming along quiet nicely

so i wrote those words in a few seconds. i left the spelling errors and what not b/c that is what my fingers did. i read it and it kinda tickled. i don't know if tickled is the right word, but it's the first word that comes to mind.

16 February 2009

an incomplete sentence


if i could
ever really
understand this
then maybe

15 February 2009


i think i knew it couldn't be so easy.

08 February 2009


So today at church Bishop Miller gave a stellar talk. He was kinda all over the place, but one thing he spoke about really stuck out to me. Especially with all the things in my life that have recently come to light.

1. Never forget you are a child of God and He loves you. (Romans 8:16-18,28,35,38-39)
2. God knows what's happening in your life. (Moses 7:24-41)
3. The Atonement helps in all aspects of your life. (Alma 7:11-13)
4. One day this will all make sense to you. (Doc. + Cov. 101:32-38)

Pretty right on.

07 February 2009


I spent the afternoon in the temple today. As always, it was awesome. A member of the temple presidency spoke to us. He mentioned 3 things that happen in the temple. 1) We receive instruction. 2) We make covenants. 3) We receive revelation. He said that most of the time when we receive answers to our prayers the answer is "I LOVE YOU. I CARE ABOUT YOU. YOU CAN DO THIS. I AM WITH YOU." I think that's pretty true. Because most of the time that's all we need to keep going. Most things in life aren't that bad. We make them bigger and worse than they really are. I feel like that answer helps us focus on the eternal perspective. It's so simple, but it does so much.

31 January 2009

a quote

"...distant views seem to outlast by a million years (Lily thought) the gazer and to be communing already with a sky which beholds an earth entirely at rest."

-Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse

29 January 2009


out of the room

carried to the sea
buried in the sand
skin burned by the sun
i believed
i held on to hope
we stand
at the same place
in different places
after everything
it was worth the _________

28 January 2009


swfn say8

did i lose
too much blood
in the fire
and the fight
i cannot hide
behind my skin
any longer
all i feel
is on my face my arms my legs
water will not
wash them away
but they will fade away
in the light
forever does not last forever
but we will be forever
in water in wind

24 January 2009



underneath a secret earth
water and wind flow
pronounce my name
ya no te espero
the feeling i am underwater
a tundra
no end no begin
a drop of blood
one for every star
one more for every hope
the noise of space
changes the way i hear
your voice
i stand on the earth but i do not think of the earth

22 January 2009


I really wanna write something here, but I got nothing...yet.

21 January 2009



we all of us
have been born
in color
and light
we walk away
from it
we walk to it
we are waves tides
we are more circles
than lines
but we are learning
to become lines
to see colors
to see light
the wind blows across
our faces
and whispers
we listen we follow
it rains and we are wet
we dry ourselves
day in day out
our backs are stronger straighter
we swim or run
we fly as birds fly
we will be the sun
we have always been the sun

13 January 2009

a few more lines

tie me to the sea

a monument built
to the sky
a sun
burns overhead
its no small thing
to cut off ones hands
i will place mine at my side
i will hold onto yours forever
i was dead once
the wind blew
the water covered my face
i could breathe still
i can breathe always
there is blood life
circular motion
i see no end there is no end

a few lines

being underwater

its all circles
when things become
or when they cease to be
a moon over a mountain
a line across the sea
you saw it too
but differently
i was closer
i am stronger weaker now
bones blood skin on and on and on

11 January 2009


That is a diver's helmet. I like that image. I spent some hours today sitting on a rock overlooking Monterey Bay. I listened to the new Deerhunter album and read Octavio Paz. I ate some mexican food while I was up there. The moon was giant and orange, like a giant orange in the sky.

05 January 2009


bones and little else

above water
i watch my blood
bathed cleansed
from rocks and shorelines
arms eyes lips
lifeless pale blue
i still dream
still feel
i walk on water
i wake before the sun
i wake before you
life beneath each step
a green garden today
rocky paths
years and years forgotten
yet still felt
my heart is clean now
free of shadow
of whisperings
humans think and feel
i am human
you are wind
you have traveled through
my branches my leaves
you are waves and water
washed over
my rocks my sands
speak quietly
speak necessarily
i am out of the rain now and i am dry