16 February 2009

an incomplete sentence


if i could
ever really
understand this
then maybe

15 February 2009


i think i knew it couldn't be so easy.

08 February 2009


So today at church Bishop Miller gave a stellar talk. He was kinda all over the place, but one thing he spoke about really stuck out to me. Especially with all the things in my life that have recently come to light.

1. Never forget you are a child of God and He loves you. (Romans 8:16-18,28,35,38-39)
2. God knows what's happening in your life. (Moses 7:24-41)
3. The Atonement helps in all aspects of your life. (Alma 7:11-13)
4. One day this will all make sense to you. (Doc. + Cov. 101:32-38)

Pretty right on.

07 February 2009


I spent the afternoon in the temple today. As always, it was awesome. A member of the temple presidency spoke to us. He mentioned 3 things that happen in the temple. 1) We receive instruction. 2) We make covenants. 3) We receive revelation. He said that most of the time when we receive answers to our prayers the answer is "I LOVE YOU. I CARE ABOUT YOU. YOU CAN DO THIS. I AM WITH YOU." I think that's pretty true. Because most of the time that's all we need to keep going. Most things in life aren't that bad. We make them bigger and worse than they really are. I feel like that answer helps us focus on the eternal perspective. It's so simple, but it does so much.