31 January 2009

a quote

"...distant views seem to outlast by a million years (Lily thought) the gazer and to be communing already with a sky which beholds an earth entirely at rest."

-Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse

29 January 2009


out of the room

carried to the sea
buried in the sand
skin burned by the sun
i believed
i held on to hope
we stand
at the same place
in different places
after everything
it was worth the _________

28 January 2009


swfn say8

did i lose
too much blood
in the fire
and the fight
i cannot hide
behind my skin
any longer
all i feel
is on my face my arms my legs
water will not
wash them away
but they will fade away
in the light
forever does not last forever
but we will be forever
in water in wind

24 January 2009



underneath a secret earth
water and wind flow
pronounce my name
ya no te espero
the feeling i am underwater
a tundra
no end no begin
a drop of blood
one for every star
one more for every hope
the noise of space
changes the way i hear
your voice
i stand on the earth but i do not think of the earth

22 January 2009


I really wanna write something here, but I got nothing...yet.

21 January 2009



we all of us
have been born
in color
and light
we walk away
from it
we walk to it
we are waves tides
we are more circles
than lines
but we are learning
to become lines
to see colors
to see light
the wind blows across
our faces
and whispers
we listen we follow
it rains and we are wet
we dry ourselves
day in day out
our backs are stronger straighter
we swim or run
we fly as birds fly
we will be the sun
we have always been the sun

13 January 2009

a few more lines

tie me to the sea

a monument built
to the sky
a sun
burns overhead
its no small thing
to cut off ones hands
i will place mine at my side
i will hold onto yours forever
i was dead once
the wind blew
the water covered my face
i could breathe still
i can breathe always
there is blood life
circular motion
i see no end there is no end

a few lines

being underwater

its all circles
when things become
or when they cease to be
a moon over a mountain
a line across the sea
you saw it too
but differently
i was closer
i am stronger weaker now
bones blood skin on and on and on

11 January 2009


That is a diver's helmet. I like that image. I spent some hours today sitting on a rock overlooking Monterey Bay. I listened to the new Deerhunter album and read Octavio Paz. I ate some mexican food while I was up there. The moon was giant and orange, like a giant orange in the sky.

05 January 2009


bones and little else

above water
i watch my blood
bathed cleansed
from rocks and shorelines
arms eyes lips
lifeless pale blue
i still dream
still feel
i walk on water
i wake before the sun
i wake before you
life beneath each step
a green garden today
rocky paths
years and years forgotten
yet still felt
my heart is clean now
free of shadow
of whisperings
humans think and feel
i am human
you are wind
you have traveled through
my branches my leaves
you are waves and water
washed over
my rocks my sands
speak quietly
speak necessarily
i am out of the rain now and i am dry