04 April 2009

hey man, wanna get some food?

I went to a show last nite. (Defiance, Ohio) great band, great show. it reminded me why i like punk rock (or at least the punk rock attitude) punk rock is about community and family and love and coming together. it's pretty awesome when a hundred or so kids are all singing along in unison. it's commonly misconceived (oe so i believe) that punk rock is all about being an individual and fighting against some sort of system (the man) i call bullcrap. it's about being okay with yourself and being cool with people who are different than you. last nite i was thousands of miles from home and all my friends but i still managed to have some awesome conversations with some great people. it was kinda awesome.

today i went to the beach and got some awesome beach stuffs. pieces of drift wood and some incredibly smooth stones. they're way cool and i like to think they've been around a lot longer than i have. floating around in the ocean, getting pushed around by waves. it made me feel kinda small in a good way.

this weekend was great. it made me think about some things. it made me a little more hopeful.

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  1. We're all small. That doesn't mean we aren't important. :)