29 November 2008

I Only Want One Thing, But the Wind Keeps Blowing it Away

So here's that new album I was babbling on about. I kept thinking about the ocean while I was writing it. I guess that's what happens when you're within walking distance of the coast. It's kinda funny how being that close to an ocean changes you for the better.

Anyway, the music.

* A Sunset Over the Ocean and the Wind on My Face
* There Just Aren't As Many Trees Around These Days to Protect Me From the Wind and the Rain
* First Time Ever I Saw Clouds
* I Do Not Want to See You Hurt Again
* Last I Knew, You Were the Sailboat in My Dreams
* From the Other Side of the Canyon to the Underside of the Stormy Seas and Back Again, Pt. IV
* It's Bees, Man
* Never Again Will I See the Ocean the Same Way You Do After a Thunderstorm

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